As a property owner, you’re likely aware of the potential for catastrophe when it comes to roof damage. What you may not know are the signs that a roof is leaking and when yours needs to be repaired or replaced. An infrared (IR) roof moisture inspection can help determine the right course of action for your roof and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Below, we will go over what this technology is, how it works, and why you should get an IR roof scan done on your building.

What is an Infrared Roof Moisture Inspection?

An IR roof moisture inspection is a scan of your roof using thermal imaging technology to show temperature differentials of the insulation and the membrane. A tech will scan your entire roof, mark all anomalies, and probe to confirm moisture below the waterproofing membrane.

What Does it Inspect?

An IR scan detects differences in temperature, which actually reveal areas where your roof contains moisture or wet insulation. If your roofing membrane is punctured or leaking in any area, rainwater that falls on the roof will soak through the membrane and into your building material below. These areas hold heat better after the sun goes down and give off heat for more extended periods of time as the waterproofing becomes ambient. Dry portions of your roof will appear significantly cooler than those areas that have wet building insulation below the membrane.

How It Reveals the Need to Repair Vs. Replace

It may be challenging to determine if your roof is leaking at all from a visual inspection, and it may be impossible to tell the extent to which it’s leaking or the rate at which it’s letting water into your building.

An IR moisture scan will show you the exact portions of your roof that are damaged. More importantly, it will reveal all of the moisture and wet insulation in the roofing assembly.. You can use this information to determine if it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace your roof.

The Risks of Not Getting Your Roof Inspected

No building owner wants to hear that their roof is leaking and damage is occurring, but having specific information about the presence of moisture can help you react in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Not getting an inspection can lead to significant interior building damage, loss of personal property, damaged equipment, personal injury if enough water unknowingly breaches the membrane and soaks your construction materials.

Getting an IR roof moisture survey is an affordable and straightforward way to ignore the headache of having to do expensive repairs or replacements down the road, and it can provide you with answers on whether it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace your building’s roof. When you’re ready to have one of these comprehensive scans done on your building, contact one of our skilled professionals to set up an appointment.