Infrared PV Testing quickly and easily assesses the quality of solar panel installations, as well as pinpoints any potential problems.

Many solar panels are expected to last 20 years, but they often don’t live up to their advertised longevity. Because of inconsistent quality in both manufacturers and installers, testing panel integrity is an important protection for any solar investment.

Common Sources of Solar Panel Failures:

  • Defective semiconductors
  • Corroded connections
  • Loose contacts and short circuits
  • Contamination from moisture or dirt
  • Overheated connections
  • Ruptured cells
  • Normal wear and tear

Use Infrared PV Testing to:

  • Provide Quality Assurance of Installations. Solar panel manufacturing practices are inconsistent at best. The quality of the installation process can be equally as variable. Infrared testing is the best way to provide assurance that solar panels are installed properly and free of defects.
  • Prevent Loss of Power. Any gains from solar panel investments can be diminished or erased by premature system deterioration. To maintain optimal power production, infrared testing should be performed at regular intervals determined by preventive maintenance needs.
  • Protect against overheating. Solar panels’ constant exposure to moisture accelerates corrosion within the system. Loose and corroded connections overheat and cause premature deterioration and potential fire hazards. These hazards are easily identified through infrared testing.
  • Provide Safety. Because infrared testing is non-destructive and conducted from a distance, it can be safely conducted on solar panel systems with the highest voltage. Infrared testing is able to pinpoint overloads and short circuits without coming into physical contact with them.

Our experienced and certified thermographers will be able to identify issues before they become expensive headaches. For more information on the importance of PV Testing, or to book your Infrared Testing appointment, call Atlantic Testing Services at 888-696-6429.