Atlantic Testing Services specializes in the location, marking, and mapping of all underground utilities, using the latest in GPR, electromagnetic, acoustic, and surveying technologies.

There are very few detailed and accurate records of buried utilities, structures, or tanks, and changes to these existing utility maps often go unrecorded, and are inaccurate or incomplete. Every year injuries and costly damage occur due to the lack of accurate and detailed information about what exists beneath the surface. Utility locating and utility mapping provide a safe and cost-effective means of locating buried utilities during the excavation process.

By utilizing sophisticated utility mapping technologies, we can create drawings consisting of existing underground and/or overhead utilities on job sites, campuses, residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial properties.

Planning and designing construction projects in areas of complex underground utilities require precise utility location information to avoid costly delays, conflicts, redesigns, safety hazards, and service disruptions. Subsurface utility mapping provides a user-friendly approach for analyzing and applying the information generated by our utility locators.

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