Prevent Damage & Harm

Are you planning to excavate or drill at your facility or property? Do you know the position of your subsurface utilities such as gas, electric, water, communication or sewer lines?

Unfortunately, every year, property owners discover that they, or their contractor, has inadvertently severed an electricity line, or fractured a vital sewerage pipe. If certain utilities are damaged you can be sued by the city and your contractor. But more importantly, it can threaten the safety of a whole community or the entire facility. Why take the risk?

In order to prevent damaging underground utilities and putting your community in danger, you need underground private utility locating services.

An Experienced, Trusted Provider

Atlantic Testing Services has located thousands of miles of buried utilities making us the Northeast’s most experienced and trusted provider for underground private utility locating services.

Underground Utility Locating Services We Offer

Read below to find out what utility locating services are right for your needs.

Our general locating services locate a wide array of possible subsurface objects that may be in need of locating and otherwise can’t be found. We have been hired to locate underground storage tanks, sinkholes, voids and more.

Concrete Scanning is a non-invasive inspection method used to examine concrete structures such as walls, floors, columns, and bridges. Concrete scanning has great advantages over more traditional and invasive methods.

We Also Can Help You With:

Underground Utility Location, marking, and mapping of all underground utilities, using the latest in GPR, electromagnetic, acoustic, and surveying technologies.