As companies cope with the threat of COVID infection, faster and more accurate methods of screening employees and customers is pivotal in keeping business – and profits – growing. Elevated body temperature screening systems are relatively new options that can keep your employees and customers safe without negatively affecting your business. Below, we’ll discuss what these systems are and some of the benefits you can enjoy by using one.

Why Are Alternate Methods Needed?

COVID infection is most easily determined by an elevated body temperature, so most companies are manually screening their employees, guests, and customers. Taking temperature readings one-by-one is somewhat effective, but it slows your business’ flow and may even put people coming into your business at a greater risk. Alternate methods of temperature screening can speed up the screening process and keep all parties safe from infection.

The Importance of Keeping Your Customers & Employees Safe

As an individual who cares about your employees and customers, your first priority should be to keep them safe. No one wants to be responsible for someone they care about becoming infected by a potentially deadly virus.

You naturally care about your business’s success as well, and infection of a customer or employee might require long-term quarantine and substantial delay of business or loss of profit.

What is an Elevated Body Temperature Screening System?

An elevated body temperature screening system involves thermal cameras that are placed near the entrances of your business. The cameras use infrared technology to check the body temperature of anyone entering and can report elevated temperatures, mask detection and Covid questionnaires. It removes the need for manual and often inaccurate temperature readings with a non-contact thermometer.

Benefits of an Elevated Body Temperature Screening System

Above all else, these screening systems keep your customers, employees and visitors safe. They offer non-contact solutions for temperature screening that do not require anyone to be in close proximity. It can help improve business because people may feel more comfortable entering if they know you’re taking such extensive precautions.

These screening systems are highly accurate and many will calibrate themselves, so there’s no need for expensive monitoring, testing, or manual calibrating. They’re easy to use and can be operated by one of your existing employees. Unmanned screening systems are available as well.

They can be installed very quickly and non-invasively, and certain systems can be set up to scan more than one person at a time, making for a swift and seamless screening process.

Elevated body temperature screening systems can help keep you, your employees, and your customers safe from infection, all while helping to keep business and profits flowing. If you’re ready to protect the health and safety of your business and its visitors with one of these systems, contact one of our highly knowledgeable experts today.