Flat Roof Leak Detection Services

Electronic Leak Detection & Testing

We’ve detected approximately 19,165 leaks for businesses just like yours
Infrared Electrical Inspection NY
Infrared Services
We provide top-of-the-line infrared inspections and technology to help keep your building safe
Commercial Leak Detection
Our state-of-the-art leak detection technology enables us to find the leaks others cannot
Underground Utility Locating Massachusetts
Utility Locating/Concrete Scanning
Atlantic has located thousands of miles of buried utilities for businesses throughout NY & NJ


Your complete source for Non-Destructive Leak Detection, Infrared Thermography & Private Utility Locating Services
Are you looking for a reliable water leak detection company near me? Atlantic Leak is a dependable leak detection company providing high-quality leak detection services that help property owners identify the root cause of the problem to guarantee a fast solution. We use the latest technology for non-destructive leak testing using a revolutionary leak locator that ensures electronic leak detection. We provide water leak testing for Woburn, Massachusetts, Marlboro, New Jersey, and NY customers.


We are more than a simple water leak detection company serving Woburn, MA, Marlboro, NJ, and many areas of NY. We also provide infrared electrical inspections, underground leak detection, and private utility locating to ensure you can find everything you need, whether starting a construction project or requiring repairs. With our underground utility locating, you will always know where it’s safe to dig and where you should avoid to guarantee your safety and avoid cutting off utilities to the entire neighborhood.

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We operate under the standards set forth by world leading organizations.


We’ve located over 25,000 leaks and thousands of miles of buried utilities.

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Safety for our clients, our employees, and our neighbors is our highest priority.

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The National Fire Protection Association recommends completing electrical infrared testing annually to protect your property and guard against electrical issues that can cause a costly fire.
The cost of leak detection services varies widely depending on many factors, such as the location of the suspected leak and the type of testing used. Contact our team to ask for a quote on your services to help you decide.
Underground leak detection uses sonar technology to identify disruptions in water flow to identify the presence of a leak. Other non-invasive methods may also be used.


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