flat roof membrane electronic leak detection

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Flat Roof Membrane Electronic Leak Detection

With new testing requirements becoming more common in the flat roof leak detection and leak testing arena, Atlantic Testing Services has been offering the latest in electronic test methods making flood testing a thing of the past.

The importance of being able to determine that there is a leak or a breach in the waterproof membrane and more importantly, the ability to pinpoint that leak is why these advanced scientific methods have become so necessary in this field.  Figuring out there is a leak and where that leak is originating, prior to the overburden will save millions of dollars in damage prevention and construction costs.  As the upsurge in green roofs and the creation of outdoor space on flat rooftops becomes increasingly popular, so does the need for electronic leak detection on these waterproofing membranes.

As Todd Marcus, President of Atlantic Testing Services states, “The lack of competition in this space has resulted in having to accept mediocre results. Our competitors are simply not getting the job done. As the increasing demand for electronic leak detection testing continues to push forward, we here at Atlantic Testing Services are determined to provide the professionalism and more importantly, to achieve the results our clients expect.  We’ve become a leading leak detection company in the US over that past 7 years and are rapidly becoming the leader in flat roof membrane leak detection as well”.

Atlantic Testing Services offers its clients both low voltage testing, otherwise known as Electronic Field Vector Mapping or EVM as well as a high voltage method (Electronic Leak Detection or ELD).  The requirement for these two types of testing are being written into the specifications as engineers, architects, developers and designers want to eliminate potential damage caused by a leak in the roof membrane.

Atlantic Testing Services and Utility Locating offers leak detection for flat roofs, pools, fountains, spas and water mains.  Their utility locating services include private utility markouts, UST locating, GPR surveying, subsurface investigations and concrete scanning and imaging.   They are located in the Northeast and routinely serve all of NY, NJ, CT, PA, DE and MD.  Worldwide travel is available as well.

For more information on Atlantic Testing Services and Flat Roof Leak Detection Services, the company can be reached at 888-696-6429 or https://atlanticleak.com/contact-us/