For many buildings, leaks from plumbing fittings, fixtures, and pipes, are major avenues of water wastage. Though some leaks may be visible, many are undetected for years simply because of the invisible source of the leak.

What is the essence of Leak Detection?

Professional Leak Detection services are widely used to find out if and where a leak has occurred in systems that contain liquids and gasses. The systems may include swimming pools, spas, sewer systems, slabs that hold water, etc. Methods of leak detection include; infrared, hydrostatic testing and laser technology.

Problems that Could Arise

Undetected leaks result in safety hazards, equipment failure among other concerns. Leak detection, therefore, helps in detecting and localizing leaks whether at home or at a commercial enterprise hence aiding in decision making early enough to avoid catastrophes. It also enhances system reliability and productivity because of the minimal inspection time and also reduced downtime of a particular facility.

At Atlantic Testing Services we lead in non-destructive, accurate detection of hidden sewer, gas, and water leaks for commercial, industrial, municipal and residential properties. Our experienced specialists utilize non-invasive, advanced technology to locate leaks accurately, therefore, saving you time, water and money.

Leak detection services will benefit you, whether you are management or a maintenance company, an insurance provider or a home owner. It can prevent damage caused by mold, high water bills, and structural impairments. A minor leak in a swimming pool can lead to significant harm. It is estimated that in every twenty swimming pools one has a leak. Signs that may indicate leaks in a swimming pool include; pool deck cracks, loose or falling tiles, loss of 0.32cm or more of water in a 24hour period, etc.

For an affordable Leak Detection service, fill a quick form on our website or contact us at Atlantic Testing Services today. No matter the current condition of your connections, we will work hard to make sure that the leak is expertly sealed.