Your company’s equipment is likely under constant stress to perform. Over time, components get less efficient and can break down, requiring costly repairs and leaving you without the machinery that makes your business possible. Below, we’re going to discuss what an infrared electrical inspection is and how it can help save you money and reduce equipment downtime in your place of business.

What is an Infrared Electrical Inspection?

An infrared (IR) electrical inspection uses IR imagers to scan the interior portions of your equipment while it’s under load. It produces a colored (thermal) map for the technician that indicates temperature gradients between various parts of the equipment as well as different individual electrical components.

What Does It Inspect?

IR electrical inspections can be used to inspect any piece of electrical equipment, and entire electrical systems, both high voltage and low voltage.

Summary of NFPA 70B

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), annual infrared electrical inspections are recommended and useful for all electrical equipment. They maintain that IR scanning can detect internal problems under normal system load and can help prevent systems from going down as well as fires. The NFPA considers IR testing a relatively inexpensive and highly effective means of predicting problems in your equipment.

Should You Get an IR Inspection?

The NFPA and many experts recommend getting regular IR electrical inspections annually. Testing your equipment under normal load with no need for downtime can save you money and give a very accurate prediction of future problems. However, they do recommend that the test and analysis be carried out by a professional, as the results can be misread or misunderstood.

The Risk of Not Getting an Inspection

Neglecting to test your machinery with IR scanning can cause the systems to fail, leading to potentially expensive repairs. Failed equipment also means that your electrical equipment won’t be running while being repaired, which can decrease your company’s profits and efficiency during that time. Unscheduled downtime costs money and productivity! An IR inspection can also alert you to inefficiencies in your electrical equipment, allowing you to carry out preventative repairs and maintain the highest efficiency possible.

Experts in many industries, including the National Fire Protection Agency, recommend having IR electrical inspections inspected regularly to identify potential issues and correct them before you experience equipment failure and unscheduled downtime. When you’re ready to schedule an inspection for your business, contact one of our professionals for more information and to set up an appointment.