With the continuous threat of COVID infection, businesses everywhere are struggling to keep up with the requirement to screen employee and customer temperatures before entering their buildings. To make the process easier, new elevated body temperature screening technology is available and being rapidly adopted by more and more companies. Below, we’re going over what this technology is as well as the top six ways it can benefit your business.

What is an Elevated Body Temperature Screening System?

An elevated body temperature screening system is a system installed in the lobby or entrances of a building that uses thermal imaging equipment to screen the body temperature of all people entering the building with secondary checks utilizing digital, non-contact IR thermometers. Specific thermal cameras will detect the body temperature of anyone in the screened entrance.

The Dangers of Having No Screening System

Because COVID is most easily and rapidly detected by a fever, the biggest risk involved with not screening employees or customers at your business is the spread of coronavirus. Anyone knowingly or unknowingly carrying the virus could enter your building at any time and spread it to others inside via direct contact or close proximity. And once the virus has made its way inside your building, it can be very difficult and expensive to eradicate.

The danger of not having a screening system in place should be clear, but what are some advantages to an elevated body temperature screening system?

1) Protects Visitors – Having a contactless system in place to scan anyone entering your business will help protect all visitors and will significantly lower their risk of contracting the virus in your place of business.

2) Accuracy – Contactless screening systems are highly accurate, as they use high-tech thermal cameras to detect and register body heat in relation to the ambient air. They’re not only accurate, but they are often self-calibrating.

3) Contactless – Perhaps the best thing about body temperature screening systems is that they don’t require any contact with visitors. Body temperature is scanned wirelessly, and having no contact keeps you, your employees, and your visitors safe from possible infection.

4) Scan Multiple People at Once – Advanced thermal imaging cameras are capable of scanning multiple visitors to your business at one time. This means there may be no need for individual temperatures to be taken, which can save you an immense amount of time and money.

5) Does Not Require an Expert to Use – Certain screening technology systems are self-calibrating, very intuitive, and extremely user-friendly, so there’s no need to hire an expensive expert to use or troubleshoot the system.

6) Quick Installation – For most business owners, installation is very fast and doesn’t require building modifications to be set up properly.

Elevated body temperature screening systems are making it easier and safer for business owners to screen their visitors for possible COVID symptoms and signs of infection. This helps prevent the spread of the virus and keeps their employees and visitors safe. When you’re ready to make the switch to an effective and efficient screening system, contact one of our highly-trained screening system experts for a quick and easy installation.