The roof on your commercial building is under constant stress from being exposed to the elements. No roof membrane will last forever, and routine testing can help uncover leaks and weaknesses before they turn into major issues. Below, we’re going to discuss high-voltage leak detection, how it works, and how you know you need it for your building.

What is High-Voltage Leak Detection?

High-voltage leak detection is a highly accurate, non-invasive roof leak testing method that can pinpoint breaches and thin spots in your building’s roofing system.

When It’s Necessary

Leak detection is recommended on an ongoing PdM basis, as it can help uncover small problems before they turn into major ones. They’re also helpful on an as-needed basis if you notice any signs that you have a leak, such as wet spots on the ceilings of your building’s interior or puddling on the floors.

How It Works

High-voltage testing involves passing a conductive bristle broom over your roofing membrane’s surface. The handheld power generator in the test unit is grounded, and the circuit will only be completed if the bristles pass a charge through a compromised portion of the roof (a breach or hole) to the conductive decking below.

The technician will mark onsite and plot on a shop drawing where leaks are, and their analysis of the results can even detect spots that are weak but haven’t begun allowing water in yet.

Why It’s Better Than Flood Testing

High-voltage testing is superior to flood testing in a few ways. First, it doesn’t require any water. Flood testing involves putting tremendous strain on your building, which can cause leaks to worsen and can even lead to further damage.

Additionally, flood testing can indicate if you have a leak, but it won’t tell you where. High-voltage testing can pinpoint leaks on horizontal and vertical roof surfaces, allowing you to localize repairs and minimize costs.

Lastly, flood testing will only show a positive result if you have an active leak, whereas high-voltage testing can locate weak spots of your roof that may soon start leaking. This allows for far less expensive maintenance and limits costly repairs and interior damage.

High-voltage testing is an extremely accurate way to detect roof leaks early and help you reduce overall repair costs and damage to your property. If you need to pinpoint a leak or want to test your commercial building’s roof for potential weak spots, contact one of our friendly professionals for more information on this innovative testing method.