Water Main Leak

Water can cause irreparable damage to your property. Since water mains are underground, it’s imperative that you identify any leaks so repairs can begin immediately. These underground leaks won’t always be obvious without digging, so we put together a list of the top eight signs of a water main leak so you can get the issue fixed as soon as it occurs.

What is a Water Main?

A water main is a pipe that connects your property to a private or public water supply. It typically runs alongside your street and branches off into each property in your municipality. The line usually enters your facility or home through a basement wall or into a utility closet and feeds directly into your water meter or fire system. All of the water you use throughout your building is supplied by your water main, so you can imagine how catastrophic a leak here might be! Let’s look at some telltale signs of a water main leak.

Sign 1: Water build up in your street or parking lot is a good sign that your water main is leaking. Water escaping from your mainline has nowhere to go and can quickly make its way up to pool in the road.

Sign 2: Wet or marshy grass can be an indication that your main is leaking under your landscaped areas and soaking the dirt beneath your grass.

Sign 3: Damp drywall, which can often feel weak or very pliable, can result from a leak behind your walls. This can occur anywhere in your building, so it’s very important to do a thorough check for damp sheetrock.

Sign 4: An easy way to assess for a water main leak is to keep an eye on your water bill; your charges will be significantly higher than normal if there’s a significant water leak.

Sign 5: Low water pressure in your water supply can also be a telltale sign of a water main leak.

Sign 6: Your foundation walls will often be exposed to water if you have a water main leak, and over time the concrete will degrade and can show signs of cracking.

Sign 7: Many who have water main leaks can actually hear the sound of running water when they shouldn’t. This is usually a very strong sign that you have a leak in a water line.

Sign 8: Water and dampness behind walls and under floors can cause the growth of mold and leave a foul odor, so be on the lookout.

Water main leaks can cause an immense amount of damage and can be extremely costly and time consuming to repair. If you suspect you have a water main leak or want to have a proper inspection done to confirm and locate the break in the main, contact one of our highly trained water main leak professionals to have a state-of-the-art testing protocol completed.