A roof

Your building’s roof is under constant attack from sun and precipitation, making roof damage a matter of “when” rather than “if.” In this article, we’re going to discuss what infrared (IR) roof moisture surveys are, how they work, and the benefits you’ll get from having one done on your property.

What is an Infrared Roof Moisture Survey?

An infrared roof moisture survey uses infrared thermography to detect moisture beneath the waterproofing membrane where the insulation is wet.

How Does It Work?

Your roof and the wet insulation beneath the membrane naturally heat up throughout the day from sunlight, and begin to cool in the evening. The wet areas hold and release heat for extended periods, while the roofing membrane cools down at a much quicker pace. An IR roof moisture survey shows variances in temperature between the areas with moisture beneath and the dry areas, which allows you to identify roof sections that are damaged and retaining moisture.

Below are four of the most appealing benefits to getting an IR moisture survey done:

1 – Identifies Roof Damage

Infrared roof moisture surveys detect damage by identifying areas of wet insulation beneath your roof’s waterproof membrane. These surveys help you accurately locate it, fast.

2 – Rapid Results

IR roof moisture surveys can be carried out in a relatively short amount of time, meaning you can spend less time looking for the problem and more time repairing it.

3 – Reduces Maintenance Costs

IR roof moisture surveys can detect where there is moisture beneath your roof’s membrane and/or wet insulation. This allows you to carry out repairs only on the damaged areas rather than spending more on a total roof replacement.

4 – Aids in Insurance Claims

Routine IR roof moisture surveys can help you determine and prove the extent of any damage done from a qualifying insurance event. This can ultimately lead to a smoother insurance claim and an accurate payout.

Risk of Not Getting an Infrared Moisture Survey

Neglecting to examine your roof for damages with an IR roof moisture survey can create thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your property and equipment in the event that the damage worsens. A survey can help you determine when and where ongoing maintenance is needed and reduce repair costs when there is an issue.

When you’re ready to protect your building and business with an IR moisture survey, contact one of our highly-trained professionals for more information.