Most property owners understand the importance of calling 811 and having underground public utilities marked before beginning a digging project. However, many people are unaware that the marking often isn’t sufficient to keep you and your property safe. Below, we’ll discuss what private underground utility locating is, when and why you need it, and the benefits of having it done on your property.

What Is a Private Underground Utility Locator?

A private underground utility locator determines the location and routing of any utility lines running beneath the earth’s surface on your property. It uses various methods to pinpoint lines that could put you at risk during a dig project.

When and Why You Need to Call a Private Underground Utility Locator?

Every facility or homeowner planning on digging on their property for any reason should call a private underground utility locator. They should always be your second call after 811.

Private underground utility locators will identify lines that public utility companies do not know mark. Private locators don’t rely on records and instead use advanced technology to pinpoint all public and private utilities.


Calling 811, the national public utility location service, is a necessity before you break ground. These public or contract locators also don’t access private utility lines, which are any utilities after the meters, transformers, etc. These private utilities are the majority of all buried utilities throughout your facility, including Gas, Electric, Communication, Water, and Sewer.

A private utility locator uses high-tech scanning methods to determine the exact location of all utility lines on your property, including public and private lines. As such, a private underground utility locator should always be called before any digging project commences.


If you rely on the sometimes inaccurate and often incomplete utility location information from public utility companies, you risk hitting dangerous and potentially deadly utility lines during your dig. You may cause costly damage to private lines, including electrical, and gas lines, cause severe injury and possibly death

Private utility locating is crucial for reducing the risk of property damage, personal injury, and expensive repairs that can occur by attempting to break ground without knowing the exact location of everything underground in and around the dig area. . If you’re planning on carrying out an excavation, drilling or boring project on your property, contact one of our friendly experts to schedule private utility markout today.