Whenever you want to embark on a renovation project or make upgrades to your home or garden in New Jersey, you should consider the need for utility location. Utility location is especially important when you are installing new irrigation or sprinkler systems for your yard, installing a new pool or hot tub, or making any changes to outdoor lighting systems. Similarly, you may need utility locating services when you are adding an annex to an existing structure. In some cases, you may need utility location for upgrading your telecommunications or television system. With few exceptions, the majority of homes have both private and public sections of the utility lines. The private utility lines are the ones that are officially designated as being your property—typically the point after a transformer or meter station. Public utility lines are owned by the company that manages that particular product or service, such as the gas company or the cable company. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have public utility lines located on your private property. How will you know the difference? The only real way to know is to call a specialist like Atlantic Utility Locating.

Private or Public Utility Locator – Which should I hire?

Occasionally, residents of New Jersey leave everything in the hands of a contractor. This is unfortunate because sometimes homeowners forget that if they could be held liable to damages that occur on the public utility lines that happen to be located on their private property. Even if the issue is more with private utility lines, you still don’t want a contractor neglecting to detect the presence of underground lines and then cause damage that you will be liable to pay for. Atlantic is one company that helps you to locate utilities on your property. They will identify both public and private utility lines as well as their points of intersection, so that you can make informed decisions related to your home improvement projects.