Water main leaks often mean big trouble and significant repairs for homeowners and business owners. They can cause massive damage to your property and cost you thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are ways to prevent water main leaks and save yourself the headaches and money associated with the repair. Below, we’re going to talk about what a water main leak is, why they need to be avoided, and how to prevent them from happening on your property.

What Is a Water Main Leak?

A water main leak occurs when the main water line that supplies your home or facility is broken or damaged. These are located underground, so water often leaks from the pipe into the surrounding soil. Because of the location of water main leaks, they aren’t always easily identified by property owners or plumbing contractors.

Risk of Not Preventing Them

One of the biggest risks associated with not correcting a water main leak is the potential for property damage. Underground leaks can create dangerous sinkholes and saturated soil that could disturb the structural integrity of your home or building. This can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in property damage.

Additionally, the cost of repairing a water main leak can be very high because significant excavation is required to access the line. If a leak isn’t prevented, you may need to pay for both property and water main repairs.

Lastly, since the pressure is so high in a water main, even a relatively small leak can lead to massive amounts of water wasted and an unusually high water bill.

How to Prevent Them

Luckily, water main leaks can be prevented. Periodic testing and scanning using pressure tests, acoustical surveys, and other leak detection technology can indicate issues early, pinpoint the location of the leak in the pipe and help prevent the damages and costs associated with them.

Water main leaks need to be taken seriously, as they can cause major damage and lead to very costly repairs. To learn more about water main leak detection or schedule a non-invasive, highly accurate scan on your property, contact one of our trained professionals today.