All of the water supplied to your property or facility comes through your water main, so you can imagine how much pressure is on the line at all times. Unfortunately, leaks are relatively common, and the consequences of not detecting them quickly can be catastrophic. Below, we’re going to discuss why water mains leak and seven ways you can catch a problem early.

What is a Water Main Leak?

The water main is typically an underground pipe that delivers water from the water authority to your property or facility. All of the water in your property or facility comes through the main. A water main leak, often caused by water pressure or failing pipe material, occurs when any portion of the line leaks water into the ground.

The danger of Not Catching It Early

Homeowners and business owners are often responsible for repairs to water mains, which can be very costly, especially if excavation is required to access the pipe. Additionally, water that leaks into the ground can cause significant damage to your property.

Early detection is the best way to avoid expensive repairs. Keep an eye out for the seven signs below, as these may indicate that you have a leak in your water main.

1 – Odd Odor or Color in Your Water

A breach in your water main can allow dirt into your water, causing a cloudy, brownish color. Additionally, corrosion or rust can be the culprit of a leak, which may give a reddish color or a strange smell to your water.

2 – High Water Bill

Depending on where the leak is, your water meter may be registering all of the water that leaks out, leading to an unusually high charge for water.

3 – Soggy Lawn

If the leak occurs under your landscaped area, you may notice that your lawn is regularly soggy. Puddles or pooling of water can form on the surface if you have a major leak.

4 – Inadequate Water Pressure

Your water main can only deliver water so quickly, and significant leaks can reduce pressure throughout your property or facility. You may notice low water pressure in sinks or showers if you have a bad water main leak.

5 – You Hear Water Running

If you turn off your faucets, appliances, and pieces of equipment that use water and still hear water running in your property or facility, you likely have a leak somewhere in your system. If a water main leak is severe enough, you may be able to hear it from inside your property or facility.

6 – Unlevel Cement

Underground leaks can cause the soil beneath patios, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks to collapse. This reduced support can cause sinkholes to form on your paved and cement surfaces.

7 – Wet Foundation or floors in Your Home

Hidden leaks often present themselves in your home, even if they originate outside and especially when your home is built on a slab. If you notice water spots on your foundation walls or floors, you may have a water main leak.

Leaks in your water main can be extremely costly to access and repair. Early detection can potentially save you thousands of dollars, not to mention the frustration of having to carry out a repair. If you suspect you have a water main leak or want to get your line tested, contact one of our highly trained professionals to carry out multi-faceted, reliable testing on your water main.